Ferra Formidable in F-35

During a visit to Ferra on 13 April 2016 Minister for Defence Materiel, Dan Tehan, and the Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta, congratulated the company on being a leader in production of Joint Strike Fighter components.

With the potential to secure over a billion dollars in contracts, Ferra’s achievements were duly noted by Minister for Defence Materiel, Dan Tehan, when he visited Ferra’s modern Brisbane headquarters in mid-April, 2016.

Together with Member for Bonner, Ross Vasta, they congratulated Ferra on being a leader in production of Joint Strike Fighter components.

Mr Vasta was suitably impressed that “every Joint Strike Fighter flying world-wide will have weapon adaptors produced by Ferra.”

“With an expected global fleet of around 3000 Joint Strike Fighters by 2035, this represents a potential contract value of over $1 billion over the life of this long term program”, he added.

It does not stop at weapon adaptors either.

In addition to the weapon adaptors, Ferra is producing and supplying more than 100 other Joint Strike Fighter component parts for the F-35 Program, thus helping to raise the already high profile of Australian industry – a fact highlighted by Minister Tehan.

“Australian industry success in the Joint Strike Fighter global supply chains reflects the intent of the recently released Defence Industry Policy Statement, particularly in regards to driving competitiveness and export potential.” Mr Tehan said.

Ferra Engineering’s competitiveness and high standards were a driving force in being awarded this coveted contract.

The Joint Strike Fighter Program demands that industry provides on-going quality and value to maintain their place in the global supply chain, and Ferra relished the chance to compete with the world’s best and prove its capability alongside other global partners.

“This continuous demand for innovation, efficiency and value from industry results in positive capability and affordability outcomes for all global Joint Strike Fighter Partners including Australia,” Mr Tehan said.

Minister Tehan praised Ferra’s efforts and acknowledged the successful and increased participation of Australian industry overall on the global Joint Strike Fighter Program, particularly over the course of 2015.

“Australian companies have been successfully awarded $US 554.5 million worth of production and development contracts as at December last year. This figure represented an increase of almost 30% over the previous 12 months.”

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