Design & Engineering

Delivering affordability to the customer is about finding innovative ways to minimise cost but without compromising quality or performance. 

Ferra works with our customers to support design for affordability and cost reduction activities. We have helped customers drive cost out of products through weight reduction, elimination of waste and manufacturing cycle time reduction initiatives. 

Ferra prides itself on the value that it can offer its customers when engaged early in the manufacturing process, allowing us to leverage our innovative engineering heritage to provide manufacturing solutions that result in the highest quality products, in the quickest time for the best value. 

Ferra offers a full suite of innovative services and turnkey solutions to the most complex projects, including: 

Project showcase

MH-60 Pylons, Mission Kit, and Gun Mount

Ferra supplies the LH and RH Extended Pylons and Mission Kit in support of the MH-60 Romeo program. 

The LHEP and RHEP are attached to the helicopter fuselage and provide stowage for the weapon systems.  The Mission Kit is assembled to the forward mount point of the helicopter for location of the FLIR system.  There are approximately 1,250 machined parts, sheet-metal detail and sub-assembly parts, electrical harnesses, and standard hardware involved in the production of these complex structural assemblies. These components are brought together into a purpose-built assembly jig for each higher-level assembly that validates no fewer than 15 bank points to less than 0.010” positional tolerance in relation to aircraft locations.

This contract includes the acceptance test and qualification of the final assembly and integrated harnesses for fit and Hi-Pot continuity. Full acceptance and test requirements and SDRLs are included in this program together with source buy-off through delegated DCMA representatives.

The Pylons and Mission Kit assemblies and are subject to full batch traceability, customer approved manufacturing plans and serial number traceability. Serial number traceability is managed through our MRP system (SAP) and involves the use of physical barcodes on each of the LH and RH Extended Pylons.

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